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About Feel Good Shop Local
At Feel Good Shop Local they are passionate about making it easy and convenient for you to shop local.

Since its inception, Feel Good Shop Local was fueled by a passion for all things local, but also the solution to a real problem; making it simple and convenient to shop your local small businesses. As it has grown, it’s become clear how needed this project is, especially if you believe that small business is the backbone of a strong local economy. Not to mention there are so many mission-driven, incredible small business owners on this journey, enough to convince anyone that shopping locally is more important than ever.

Their online marketplace is the solution you’ve been waiting for to buy thoughtful, quality gifts for everyone on your shopping list and beyond. The convenience of online shopping is undeniable, and we feel that everyone should have the option to easily and efficiently buy local goods from local businesses with just a click. With their curated and quickly-growing list of local small businesses, you’ll be able to hone in on all the hidden gems waiting in your neighborhood, not just for the holidays but for every occasion.

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