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Request an estimate for your project with as much
information as you can.

• rough dimensions (width, length, height)

• wood preferences you may have (or color)

• type of project 

• date you would like your project completed

• price range (if you have one)


Pictures are also helpful if you are looking for something very specific.


An estimate will be created based on your information. Once you have accepted our estimate and agreed to pay the deposit we will schedule your project, which will depend on other jobs in progress unless specific terms for completion have been agreed upon.  


When your project is scheduled to begin, your deposit will be required. Until the time we request a deposit you are able to terminate the job. However, once your deposit is received and materials have been purchased your deposit will not be refunded except under our discretion. Final payment will be due upon delievery. 


We require a deposit of fifty percent of the estimated cost per project prior to work beginning.

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